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Kurt Guckelsberger:

The modern map image of Europe on Waldseemüller's Carta Itineraria of 1511/1520

Cartographica Helvetica 48 (2013) 34–48


Martin Waldseemüller's third large map creation after the world map from 1507 and the Carta Marina from 1516 is the lesser known Carta Itineraria Evropae from 1511. The accidental discovery of a sketch map showing the route from Tübingen to Rome in Johannes Stöffler's manuscript to Ptolemy's Geography and identified as an extract from the Carta Itineraria, lead to an investigation of how the modernization of Ptolemy's map had thrived so exceptionally early. Based on a detailed analysis of Stöffler's sketch map and in comparison to relevant contemporary works such as the «Rome Route Map» by Etzlaub (around 1500) and the Tabula Moderna Italie from the Ptolemy edition of Marco Beneventanus (1507 and 1508), it can be shown that not only information about routes but also portolan maps and new meridian determinations had found their way into these newer developments. Already this small extract shows how advanced the design of the Carta Itineraria was. Stöffler had obviously recognized this and included it in his new Ptolemy edition, whereas later imitators such as Erlinger in 1524 did not recognize or use these advantages.

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