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Peter H. Meurer:

The magnificent edition of Georg Erlinger's map of Germania from 1530

Cartographica Helvetica 48 (2013) 25–33


Georg Erlinger (approx. 1485–1541) from Augsburg worked from about 1518 as a printer, woodcutter and publisher in Bamberg. His map editions are particularly interesting as experimental prints using a combination of type-printing and woodcut. On the occasion of the coronation of Emperor Charles V in 1530, Erlinger published a new issue of his 1524 map of Germania. This edition has an additional decorative frame with the coats of arms of the territories ruled by Charles personally. The hitherto only known copy of this magnificent map was lost in Munich during World War II. A further copy of this map, recently discovered on the antiquarian market, has made new analyses possible.

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