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Matthias Weber:

The exploration of Central Asia – Sven Hedin's legacy in the 'Perthes Gotha Collection'

Cartographica Helvetica 46 (2012) 25–37


Sven Hedin's comprehensive and complex collection represents an excellent example of the bequeathed material in the 'Perthes Gotha Collection'. Seen in its entirety, the archives, book inventories and maps impart an insight into the as yet hardly known details of Sven Hedin's scientific work. In addition, it documents how his geographic investigations at the Perthes editing house were implemented in a modern survey of Central Asia. Any scientific research of Hedin and his work – and also for studying mapmaking in general – should include this legacy of the Perthes Collection. The Internet portal of the Perthes Collection will therefore soon provide an overview of Hedin's collection to the public.

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