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Madlena Cavelti Hammer:

The 100th anniversary of Xaver Imfeld's death (1853–1909): engineer and cartographer of the Alps

Cartographica Helvetica 39 (2009) 3–10


Xaver Imfeld (1853–1909), engineer and topographer from central Switzerland, was the foremost designer of panoramas and relief models, cartographer and planner of mountain railways of his time in Switzerland. He was employed at the Swiss Topographic Bureau – today the Federal Office of Topography – from 1876 to 1890 and was responsible for the topographic survey of more than twenty sheets of the Siegfried map series. He drew more than forty mountain panoramas, built thirteen relief models of the Alps and was in charge of a number of mountain railway projects and the planning and development of the Sustenpass road.

For his merits in representing the mountain world he received several international awards and was named honorary member of the Swiss Alpine Club in 1901, and later on also of the Club Alpin Français as well as the German and Austrian Alpine Clubs.

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