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Francis Herbert:

"Stanford's London Atlas Map of Switzerland": artistic relief representation, languages and tourism

Cartographica Helvetica 37 (2008) 21–33


In 1893, a map of Switzerland without lettering was advertised for sale in London in a limited edition of one hundred copies. Its publisher, Edward Stanford, perhaps appreciated more its dramatic artistic effect than its scientific cartographic value; the artistic relief representation was therefore emphasized in his firm's advertisements. Stanford knew the importance of ensuring sufficient monetary return for the costs expended on this map so he added toponyms and coloured lithographic overprints. This new version was first published in Stanford's folio world atlases in 1894. His firm issued at least eight revised states – one for a 1904 guidebook – until 1923.

This article shows the close London publishing trade inter-relationships (especially between the firms of Stanford, Longman and Murray, the Alpine Club and Royal Geographical Society). Also discussed are Stanford's personal relationships and artistic interests. His folio Switzerland map was exhibited, as the catalogues show, between 1895 and 1911 in Europe and North America – thus making his works known to more potential customers.

Bibliographic note

  • Article translated from English and edited by Markus Oehrli
  • Based on a poster shown at the 22nd International Conference on the History of Cartography, Bern, 8th to 13th July 2007

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