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Samuel Wyder:

Boundary and tithe plans by Hans Conrad Gyger (1599–1674)

Cartographica Helvetica 35 (2007) 31–39


Hans Conrad Gyger is mainly known for his large painting of the map of Zurich and its surroundings, and the ten military maps, which are all available as good facsimiles and have been discussed in detail. Less familiar are the numerous boundary and tithe maps which Gyger surveyed for resolving conflicts regarding the boundaries of Zurich and for clarifying property and tithe relationships. Surveying and establishing these plans and the respective boundary descriptions were Hans Conrad Gyger's main occupation for two decades. These maps were constantly being revised by new and adjoining terrain, and in the course of the years it became an important basis for the large painted map and the military maps. Thirty boundary and tithe plans have been conserved.

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