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Madlena Cavelti Hammer:

The Age of Discoveries – a challenge for map-making

Cartographica Helvetica 6 (1992) 2–7


With this contribution, the author attempts to provide a narrative covering the Age of Discoveries and to demonstrate with a few examples how America was mapped in its early stages.

Atlases helped tremendously to spread the newly acquired geographical knowledge. Especially the small size pocket atlases, handy and inexpensive, were favored by the general public.

For some reason these pocket atlases have rather been neglected in the literature. One chapter of the article deals with the pocket atlas by Petrus Bertius. This specific atlas was first published by Barent Langenes (1598) and later by Petrus Bertius (1600) as Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum with a Latin text. More editions followed, updated with additional maps and translated into several languages.

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