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Stuart Morgan:

Vauban's project for the fortification of a Swiss town [Solothurn]

Cartographica Helvetica 1 (1990) 22–28


Only recently has the manuscript Plan de Soleure from 1700, a part of the Schauenburg collection, gained significance. The author of this fortification plan of the city of Solothurn was the famous French fortifications engineer Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633–1707). Vauban was a friend of the French ambassador in Solothurn. As a favor to him, Vauban designed an improved version of an already existing fortification plan by Chevalier without ever having seen or been in Solothum himself. Chevalier's plan has since been lost. Neither of the two fortification projects was ever realized. The council of Solothum finally decided on a more moderate solution, an impressive part of which can still be admired today.

Bibliographic Note:

  • Article translated from French by Madlena Cavelti Hammer, Horw.

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