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Wulf Bodenstein:

Hermann Habenicht's cartographic work at the Justus Perthes Geographical Institute in Gotha, 1859–1914

Cartographica Helvetica 50 (2014) 3–17


One hundred years ago, in April 1914, Hermann Habenicht (1844–1917) retired at the age of 70, after fifty-five years of service at the Justus Perthes Geographical Institute in Gotha. During this period the gifted and visionary cartographer achieved an impressive range of advances in cartography which significantly strengthened the Institute's international reputation and successes.

Tutored by August Petermann (1822–1878), Habenicht developed his artistic talents to perfection in the representation of relief. Original concepts for school manuals and an innovative approach to the renewal of cartographic designs earned him lasting recognition. Starting with a review of the first maps Habenicht drew for Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen, this article then discusses those prepared for Stieler's atlas, followed by an overview of his contributions to school cartography, the design of pocket atlases, and other cartographic and non-cartographic publications.

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