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Hans-Peter Höhener:

An unknown parchment map of the Valais from 1544 by Johannes Stumpf

Cartographica Helvetica 45 (2012) 3–14


In 2008, primary teacher Claudy Raymond from the village of Saillon in Lower Valais purchased on eBay a parchment manuscript map of the Valais from a Frenchman. The distinguishable coat of arms on the map is a clear indication that the map was drawn by Johannes Stumpf (1500–1577/78) in 1544. The numerous place names and especially the road network render this a unique document. Prior to this map, Stumpf already drew a map of the Valais based on the map of Switzerland by Aegidius Tschudi printed in 1538. The wood-cut map by Stumpf published in his chronicle in 1547, for which the manuscript still exists, represents a generalization. The 1545 map of the Valais by Sebastian Münster from 1545 is based on the same material as Stumpf's 1544 map, namely a map by Johannes Schalbetter which today is lost. The parchment map was mentioned on several occasions in the 18th century, but then its traces were lost.

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