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Hanspeter Fischer:

Johann Lambert Kolleffel (1706–1763): an army cartographer from Ravensburg

Cartographica Helvetica 41 (2010) 25–35


With his maps of southern Germany and the Principality of Liechtenstein, Johann Lambert Kolleffel showed remarkable surveying and cartographic skills. Most impressive is Kolleffel's systematic approach in mapping the margraviate of Burgau. The basic idea of a topographic survey – as they were later carried out officially in the 19th century – was already evident.

Starting with large-scale town maps at 1:5000, Kolleffel used two reduction steps to create topographic maps at the scales of 1:21,600 and 1:65,400. However, the town maps showed only the residential structure, but neither cultivated fields and acres nor property lines were included. The accuracy of the topographic maps doesn't correspond to today's demands either. Nevertheless, Kolleffel's civilian maps and their complimentary "landscape descriptions" are today considered as significant aids in researching social and economic developments of sedentarization.

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