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Peter H. Meurer:

The recovered original edition of the Map of Carinthia by Israel Holzwurm

Cartographica Helvetica 34 (2006) 27–34


Cartographer Israel Holzwurm (about 1575/80–1617) from Villach and living in Strassburg since 1605 was commissioned with the official survey of the Archduchy of Carinthia in 1610. This commission was associated with the chronicle Annales Carinthiae (printed in Leipzig in 1612) by Hieronymus Megiser (1553–1618). The original edition of the map, which was intended as a supplement to the chronicle but was forgotten, had been lost. Now a copy was found in the as yet unsorted map collection of the state library in Regensburg. The map (2 sheets, 72.5 x 39.5 cm, approx. 1:320 000) was printed in 1612 in Strassburg with no indication of the engraver or publisher, and never appeared or was traded on the market.

All of the copies and also the printing plates ended up in Carinthia where they were destroyed in 1636 during the fire in Klagenfurt. An exact copy was engraved in 1650 and published by Secretary Hans Siegmund Otto zu Gurnitz (died 1666). This edition was also printed in a very limited number for official use only, and today only three copies have survived. Already in 1616 Holzwurm commissioned Matthäus Merian to engrave a reduced edition of the map. It was enclosed in a few copies of Megiser's Annales Carinthiae and, beginning in 1649, also in Merian's Topographia Provinciarum Austriacarum.

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