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Florian Hruby, Irmgard Plank, Andreas Riedl:

The interactive 3D facsimile of Gerard Mercator's globe (1541)

Cartographica Helvetica 33 (2006) 11–15


The aim of this paper is to review, survey and prospect possible approaches dealing with representations and reproductions of historical globes. The chronological development of methods and data formats from the analogue beginnings to the digital state of the art are presented.

The second part of the paper deals with the results gained from research carried out on a 3D facsimile of Gerard Mercator's (1512–1594) globe. This example shall illustrate the concrete functional and methodical requirements to generate a cartographic expression that allows close investigation not only by scientists, but also by the general public. The potential of virtual globes is exemplified by new discoveries that have been made under use of the digital Mercator globe.

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