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Madlena Cavelti Hammer:

An unknown map of the Canton of Zug by Franz Ludwig Pfyffer von Wyher (about 1780)

Cartographica Helvetica 33 (2006) 3–10


While researching for the 3D relief model of Central Switzerland by Franz Ludwig Pfyffer (1716–1802), a map manuscript of the Canton of Zug turned up unexpectedly in the inventory of the "Fideikommiss Landtwing". The map is entitled Plan du Canton de Zug and bears neither a date nor a signature.

After having been appraised by several specialists, the initial presumption that this manuscript map must be from Franz Ludwig Pfyffer was confirmed. Additional indications were on the one hand the style of the terrain representation and the symbols, and on the other hand the lettering and the spelling of the nomenclature. Furthermore, an analysis of the accuracy resulted in a good agreement with the 3D model of Central Switzerland. Thanks to the watermark on the paper, it was possible to date the manuscript map. It originated around 1780 and is therefore the oldest map of the Canton of Zug based on a survey. However, the map is of significance well across the borders of Zug since it is the largest up to now known map by Franz Ludwig Pfyffer and demonstrates in an impressive manner what a skillful draftsman he was.

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