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Hanspeter Fischer:

The 'Carte de l'Empereur' (1808–1812) and the 'Carte militaire de l'Allemagne' (1822–1830) 1:100,000

Cartographica Helvetica 31 (2005) 15–20


In 1808 Napoleon ordered the production of a map of Germany, the 'Carte de l'Allemagne' at the scale 1:100,000. This manuscript map, also known as the 'Carte de l'Empereur', was completed in 1809 and later on revised. During Napoleon's retreat from Russia in 1812, the only existing copy fell into Russian hands. From 1822 to 1830 copies of this map were made and handed out to the Prussian general staff. Today these maps are kept at the State library in Berlin. The whereabouts of the original remains unknown.

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