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Peter H. Meurer:

The Rhineland work of the Thuringian cartographer Adolar Erich

Cartographica Helvetica 25 (2002) 34–36


Adolar Erich (Adolarius Erichius) lived from 1559 or 1561 until 1634 and lived in Bachra (Thuringia) during his last years. He started out as a teacher and later changed his vocation to the priesthood. This office allowed him sufficient time to devote to scientific studies.

Erich is known principally for his Thuringian map Tyringische Mapp oder Landtafel, which was widely copied well into the 18th century. The only book ever to be published during Adolar Erich's lifetime is the Gülichische Chronic, the first complete historic-geographic study of that region. This volume contains five woodcut maps which Erich used to illustrate his chronicles and descriptions of the Rhineland.

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