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Michael Ritter:

The Augsburg map publishers Seutter, Lotter and Probst

Cartographica Helvetica 25 (2002) 2–10


Matthäus Seutter from Augsburg was one of the most renowned map publishers in Germany during the first half of the 18th century. Even though historians had recognized Seutter's position as such, few had attempted to delve further in the archives to resolve unanswered questions or correct errors appearing in Christian Sandler's monograph, published in 1894.

Now the history of Matthäus Seutter's publishing house and of his successors Lotter and Probst has been rectified and amended. The baptism, marriage and death certificates of the members of these three Augsburg cartographer families – kept in the archives of Augsburg churches – were re-examined and newly analyzed.

Of these three famous mapmaker families, only a handful of archival documents have survived. However, their maps can be found all over the world.

Bibliographic note

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  • Also published as: Seutter, Probst and Lotter: An Eighteenth-Century Map Publishing House in Germany. In: Imago Mundi 53 (2001) pp. 130–135.

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