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Marino Maggetti:

The Life and Work of Max Bieder (1906–1994), a bird's-eye-view painter

Cartographica Helvetica 22 (2000) 11–18


Through largely self-taught methods, Max Bieder advanced from a technical draftsman to one of the most demanded bird's-eye-view painters of the last decades. His work includes 168 bird's-eye-views, 15 panoramas and a topographic plan. Constructed in meticulous detail, the paintings show very exact oblique perspectives which are also highly artistic. Bieder acquired his fundamentals from topographic maps and stereoscopic aerial photographs. For interpreting the photographs, his experience as a former military and enthusiastic hobby pilot proved useful and he was able to produce made-to-order paintings.

A list of his 168 bird's-eye-views is included.

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