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Peter H. Meurer:

An Ortelius atlas from the collection of Tobias Scultetus

Cartographica Helvetica 22 (2000) 3–10


Tobias Scultetus (1565 Oschatz/Saxony – 1620 Breslau), a neo-Latin poet and jurist, studied at the universities of Leipzig, Heidelberg, Geneva, Padova and Basel (Dr.iur.utr. 1599). He finished his education with a trip through Italy, Spain, France, England and Poland. In 1601 Scultetus became Imperial Counsellor to Rudolf II in Prague, and around 1608 financial procurator of Lower Silesia in Breslau. Among his protegees were the astronomer Johannes Kepler and the poet Martin Opitz.

The article describes a copy of Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Antwerp 1601), acquired by Scultetus at Antwerp in May 1601, which recently appeared on the antiquarian market. Scultetus' contacts to Ortelius go back to a letter from 1597 and a personal visit shortly after. The exemplar includes his Latin translation of Valkenburg's Greek epigram in honour of Ortelius and many annotations in the maps which allow the reconstruction of his travel routes (1596 to 1601).

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