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Peter H. Meurer:

European maps of the holy orders in the 17th and 18th centuries

Cartographica Helvetica 21 (2000) 23–34


The article describes a number of printed general maps showing the settlements of Catholic orders in Central Europe. The history of this map type begins with the atlas of the Capucin order, published in 1643 in Rome and issued by Jean de Moncalieri. Later editions of this atlas (Milan 1712 and 1723) include several new maps by Giovanni Battista de Cassini.

Another 17th-century example is the map from the Chorographia Augustiniana (Paris 1659) by Augustin Lubin. Both atlases also include special maps showing individual provincial orders.

More detailed maps of orders appeared in the 18th century as single sheets. The editors and engravers include Franz Hartzheim, Angelus Höggmayr, Rupert Carl, Johann Anton Zunggo, Carl Albrecht Seutter, and Tobias Conrad Lotter. The maps were issued by the publishing houses Seutter (Augsburg) and Homann (Nuremberg). These holy order maps characteristically only depicted the abbeys and cloisters of the respective orders whereas larger towns that had no order settlement were entirely disregarded.

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