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Ivan Kupčík:

Manuscript copy of the Apian Map of Bavaria, drawn by Dominicus Franciscus Calin (around 1661)

Cartographica Helvetica 17 (1998) 32–34


The Bairischen Landtaflen by Philipp Apian, published in 1568, influenced the cartographic representation of the Bavarian region for many decades. Their content was constantly re-used and copied until the end of the 18th century, for instance by Peter Weinerus (1579), Georg Philipp Finkh (1663), and Wilhelm C. Buna (1745).

One more example, a wall map drawn approx. 1661 by Dominicus Franciscus Calin, was discovered in the War Archives of Munich only a few years ago. Although Calin didn't improve the content of Apian's map, such maps were very important because there was a constant lack of any major regional maps at that time.

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