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Arthur Dürst:

The map-view of Zurich by Jos Murer, 1576

Cartographica Helvetica 15 (1997) 23–37


Jos Murer (1530–1580), a glasspainter from Zurich, was at the same time a popular mapmaker. In 1560 he produced the map of the canton of Zurich and in 1576 the famous town map-view of Zurich. This extremely detailed map-view measures 132 x 90 cm and is cut into six almost square woodblocks. Subject of interest is the representation of Grossmünster Cathedral. Located at a point of intersection of four sheets, this church was left out and cut into a separate woodblock as an overprint, ready to be glued to the final map.

Not less than eight editions of this town map-view have presumably been published up to now – last in 1966 and 1996 – still hand-made from the original woodblocks by means of abrasion with a spoon. The woodblocks are stored in the State Archives of the canton of Zurich.

Bibliographic note

  • Edited version of: Jos Murers Planvedute der Stadt Zürich von 1576. Zurich, 1996, and of: Jos Murers Planvedute der Stadt Zürich von 1576. Langnau am Albis, 1975 [1976]. (Publikationen zur Geschichte der Kartographie 3).
  • Also published as: Jos Murers Planvedute der Stadt Zürich von 1576. Eine Dokumentation. Zurich, 1997.

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