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Christian Birchmeier:

The art of surveying in the 18th century exemplified by Stein am Rhein

Cartographica Helvetica 15 (1997) 11–21


In connection with present scientific research and the inventory made of all maps and survey plans which are stored in archives and libraries of many villages and towns of the canton of Schaffhausen – the idea of an exhibition 'The region of Stein am Rhein on old maps and plans' was formed.

This report, an abridged and edited version of the first part of the exhibition catalogue, describes both surveying methods and the multitude of linear measures in use during the 18th century not only in the region of Stein am Rhein but the eastern part of Switzerland. The small yet for its position as bridgehead important little town of Stein am Rhein was in due course mapped several times by well known surveyors such as Johann Jacob Heber (Basel), Jakob Schäppi (Horgen), Isaak and Johann Vetter (Stein am Rhein) who established a number of large scale and large-sized plans.

Bibliographic note

  • Edited version of: Die Region Stein am Rhein im Bild alter Karten und Pläne des 18. Jahrhunderts (mit einer Würdigung der zeitgenössischen Feldmesskunst). [Stein am Rhein], 1997.
  • Also published as: Die Feldmesskunst des 18. Jahrhunderts am Beispiel von Stein am Rhein. In: Vermessung, Photogrammetrie, Kulturtechnik 95, 10 (1997) pp. 11–15.

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