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Arthur Dürst:

The Catalan Estense world map c. 1450. Report to accompany the facsimile edition

Cartographica Helvetica 14 (1996) 42–44


In Modena, the capital of the former Este principality, a circular world map is preserved. It was drawn in 1450 and has a diameter of 112.5 cm. The condition is rather good, although the parchment became yellowed and the drawing paled. The map contains rich illustrations, the legends are in Catalan. A table shows the position of the Catalan Estense world map among the other circular world maps of the 15th century.

In 1995, the Catalan Estense world map was reproduced in facsimile. It is accompanyed with an extensive scientific commentary.

Bibliographic note

  • Facsimile edition under review: Il Mappamondo Catalano Estense = Die Katalanische Estense-Weltkarte. [ed. Ernesto Milano]. Dietikon, 1995.

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