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Arthur Dürst:

The world map by Albertin de Virga of 1411 or 1415

Cartographica Helvetica 13 (1996) 18–21


The world map by Albertin de Virga from 1411 or 1415 consists of two parts:

  1. a calendar with depictions of the signs of the zodiac and a table to calculate lunar positions
  2. the circular world map itself. It is a synthesis of a typical world map of the Middle Ages and a portolan. The relatively accurate representations of the as yet unexplored regions of Asia, Africa and Northern Europe is astounding

The article also examines the controversial question of dating this map and summarizes the findings as to the origins of Albertin de Virga's sources. The map has been missing since an auction in 1932. Investigations have not been able to throw any light on its whereabouts.

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