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Karl F. Wälchli and Guido Voser:

The map collection of the State Archives of Bern

Cartographica Helvetica 4 (1991) 35–39


Such is the cultural and historical value of old maps and plans that it is often worthwhile to spend time and money for their restoration.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep these expenses rational and sensible. This again means a close relationship between scientists and restoration specialists. For each conservation and restoration item, a careful evaluation of the historical value has to be carried out. It is ideal, however, if the archives or the library in charge can rely on its own restoration premises.

The State Archives of Berne has a collection of more than 18 000 old maps and plans. In the present paper, the procedures such as conservation, restoration, storing and utilisation are described. Some of the storing methods have only recently been developed by staff of the State Archives.

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