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Derck C.E. Engelberts:

The history of the Schauenburg collection

Cartographica Helvetica 1 (1990) 18–20


The Schauenburg collection, named after the French general Balthasar-Henri-Antoine de Schauenburg (1748–1831), consists of 67 manuscript maps and plans (chiefly of fortifications, especially of Bern) ranging from about 1600 to 1798. In the latter year, the French troops plundered the chests of the Bern war council. The maps and plans secretly preserved there were subsequently transferred to the Schauenburg family library in Geudertheim, Alsace.

After the general's son had died, the maps were offered in 1881 to the Military Library in Bern and indeed aquired for 500 Swiss francs. Because of the demands of more and more researchers, the collection has recently been reproduced in facsimile. In an appendix to the present paper, a complete listing of the maps is given.

Bibliographic Note:

  • Facsimile edition under review: Die Schauenburg-Sammlung der Eidgenössischen Militärbibliothek und des Historischen Dienstes. Beitrag zur Geschichte der Schweiz anhand von Karten des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. Hauterive, 1989.

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