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Welcome on the main page of Cartographica Helvetica, the leading German-speaking journal on the history of cartography.

published July 2019


(Missionary cartography)
with contributions by five authors
Information and summary

Zentralschweiz im Kartenbild
(Cartography of Central Switzerland)
by Madlena Cavelti
Information and summary

St. Galler Kartenschätze
(Map treasures of St. Gall)
with contributions by eight authors
Information and summaries

Kaleidoskop der Schweizer Kartografie
(Kaleidoscope of Swiss cartography)
by Markus Oehrli
Information and summary

Guillaume-Henri Dufour:
Vermessung und Kartierung der Schweiz

(Surveying and mapping of Switzerland)
Information and summary

Reisekarten der Schweiz
(Travel maps of Switzerland)
with contributions by eight authors
Information and summary

(Fortification maps)
by Martin Rickenbacher
Information and summary

Das Matterhorn im Kartenbild
(The Matterhon depicted in maps)
Hans-Uli Feldmann and Thomas Klöti (eds.)
Information and summary

Deutsche Kriegskarten der Schweiz 1939–1945
(German war maps of Switzerland, 1939–1945)
by Markus Oehrli
with the collaboration of Martin Rickenbacher
Information and summary

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